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Candler Art Gallery
5002-50 Street
Camrose, Alberta
Tel: Toll-free 1-888-672-8401   www.candlerartgallery.com

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Northgate Lions Sr Rec Ctr 
7524-139 Ave, Edmonton, AB  
9:30 AM to 3:00 PM
Oct 3

The Sketch 

Introduction to the Elements of Drawing, blind Contour and gesturals in proportion. Simple drawing rules: ovals & rounds,  drawing  solid shapes, perspective, learn to sketch very quickly with this method.

Oct 10

7 Elements of Drawing

Introduction to the 7 Elements of Drawing and 8 Principles of Design, value sketches, thumbnails, hues and the 2 main  colour  wheels artists work with, thumbnails as miniature sketches. Make your own sliding value scale  and the better Yurmby colour wheel.

Oct 17

Intro to Watercolours

Learn how to do all the basic washes, blending techniques, brush handling and learn all the little tricks the professional watercolourist  uses to create textures and distance. Bring a photo of your  home or other structure to paint, Learn how to paint those  toughies: rock, evergreen and deciduous trees, waterfalls,  weathered wood, tile roofs, concrete, brickwork, multi-paned windows, reflections, fog, smoke, grasses and flowers at a distance. 

Oct 24

Non Toxic Oils

Introduction to painting oils the non-toxic way with regular traditional oil paints. No solvents, no thinners, not even for clean up--you can use 3 regular household items you probably already have! Learn brush handling, and how to paint rich little landscapes alla prima -- oil painting  wet-in-wet, similar to the Group of Seven sort of style.  Bring several landscape photos and we will explore how I use the Yurmby colour wheel together with the 8 Principles of Design to create delightful western prairie as well as mountain scenes.

Northgate Lions Sr Rec Ctr 
7524-139 Ave, Edmonton, AB  
9:30 AM to 3:00 PM


Feb 6 Sketch with Pencil
Sketch along with Carol from slides. Learn more sketching techniques and refine the ones you already know!  Have you ever wondered how an artist can sketch a mundane subject and make it look so interesting? Learn to see with an artist’s eye to capture interesting!
Feb 13 Sketch with Pen
Learn pen sketching techniques that will enable you to create a wide variety of textures and give you command of that pen! You will learn to “see” with an artist’s eye and then capture what you see. 
20  &, 27
From Thumbnails to finished Paintings in Miniature
Master the concept of values and how they make or break an image. Learn how to create several wonderful little images from a single image that are frame-able little masterpieces using thumbnails. We will use landscapes and the urban cityscapes as a theme to creating these miniatures!
6 & 13
Pen & Wash

Learn three easy ways of doing Pen &Washes
Each method easier than the previous. You will enjoy watercolouring with these methods, as it produced more expressive livelier and more colourful images.livelier images

Mar 20 Book Binding: Hard Covered WC Sketchbook
So now you’ve learnt to sketch with pen & ink you  want that deluxe Moleskine sketchbook, eh?  the ones that ‘take’ light watercolour washes… But the price is ridiculously prohibitive! What the heck, let’s make our own archival watercolour, hard covered bound sketchbook for a fraction of the cost! Our books will lay flat when open for easy sketching or light washes and will have an added feature… using papers of your choice and personalize your own book covers!  These can make wonderful gifts as sketchbooks, diaries or travel journals that will be cherished over the years!

The PaintSpot
10032-81 Ave,  Edmonton, AB
info@paintspot.ca     Tel: 780-432-0240
Saturdays   10 AM- 4PM

Jan 24

Pen & Wash

Learn three ways to paint Pen & Washes, each one easier than the previous. The washes can be as loose or as detailed as the artist wants, either styles are very expressive and produce lively and colourful results.

Mar 21

Salvaging old Watercolours
Booboos to Beauties

The Ressurection of Boogers:  So you’ve taken a few watercolour courses and you’ve painted a few really good ones, but you’ve also  painted a few boogers along the way…so many in fact, that the pile beneath your bed is….well let’s just  say that it’s time you dusted them off and brought them in to this course and learnt how to resurrect them.  Learn how to spot the weaknesses and how to correct them! Putting a few strokes of well placed ink marks  on your watercolours or cropping will enhance them beyond your wildest dreams! 


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